August 2023

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The next meeting will be held on Thursday the 7th of September 2023 at 6pm East court Chinese Restaurant 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond. Please advise if you wish to attend, text Jim Middleton sec 0418254950

As one of our long-term objectives is to consolidate farriers into one association, we are currently in preliminary discussions with the Professional Farriers Association NSW regarding an amalgamation. Even though associations have different priorities we should be able to come to an agreement which will benefit both parties. The aim of all farrier associations should be to have unity and positive directions for the farrier industry as a whole. The industry is currently fragmented which creates confusion for both farriers and the horse owning public. With unity, good management and consistent income streams we can achieve good outcomes for the industry.

There has been reports of apprentices finishing indentureships before their time has been completed. We are not totally sure why this is happening, but it appears apprentices are leaving after they finish their last year of TAFE. If anyone has any information regarding this matter, please contact the association so we can look into it further.

Tasmania Racing has contacted us requesting assistance with certifying farriers. Amando Djuric and Jim Middleton will go to Tasmania at the end of this month to assist TAS Racing. Currently farriers are being certified by a private RTO from South Australia and there have been some conflicting opinions on the outcomes of this process. At least they are moving forward with making the trade more professional.

The committee will stand for. 2023-2024

President Malcolm Hunt

Snr Vice Presidents W Wright K Nicholson

Secretary/Treasurer Jim Middleton

Committee J Watt A Djuric G Morrison

Regards Jim Middleton secretary