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June 2020

The next meeting will be held on tuesday 23 June 2020 at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 5pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

 At the next meeting there will be nominations for office bearers. If there are are no nominations forthcoming the current committee will stand.

The Hawkesbury TAFE is still using coke fires however the coke is getting very expensive and sometimes hard to source.The association has been buying coke for the TAFE for the last few years. We will be proposing at the next meeting to donate five twin burner gas fires to service ten anvils if the TAFE covers the installation costs.This will be more cost effective and cleaner for the environment.The coke fires will remain in place and used when necessary. We hope to have these in place for 2021

Please note that if you have apprentices the award wage will increase 1.7% from 1 November 2020 as handed down by the Fair Work Commission today the 19th June 2020.

For those members who service race meetings we will be finalising guidlines for your responsibilties on race day at the next meeting.

We will also be discussing the issue of horses not being restrained behind the barriers on race days when replacing shoes.It is now the policy of RNSW that horses may not be ear or kneck lugged at the barriers. There have been several dangerous situations since this policy came into place with one farrier suffering from a broken hand and off work indefinitely.

While we are on the subject of workplace accidents Do you have insurance.It is highley recommended you obtain Workers Compensation Insurance.If your business is unable to obtain it we advise you to change your business structure so you can be properley insured. Workers Compensation is the most cost effective accident and income protection out there. The premiums are roughly 3% of you yearly salary . Structure your business to pay yourself a wage and become an employee of the company.

Its been an intereting couple of months with Covid19 however we were lucky that it never really effected the horse industry.We never stopped racing which was a blessing for many of us.

Please be reminded that this association has no membership fees,it is soley funded by race meetings , if you know of any tradesmen that are not members please get them to forward their details 

If you want your trade papers to be displyed on your profile email them to or send a photo to 0418254950 and we will post them on the site.

Regards Jim Middleton secretary    

February 2020

The next meeting will be held on the 17th February 2020 at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 6pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

At the next meeting we will be constructing a race day order of operations schedule for farrier duties on race and trial meetings. There have been a few issues at race meetings latley and we have had some race clubs ask for specific guidelines for farriers.

We have made some progress regarding country race meetings and we will put forward a proposal to sevice all country meetings in the near future.

TAFE has informed us the new Cert iv farrier course may start mid year , why mid year and not the beginning of 2021 is a question we will be asking.

November 2019

The next meeting will be held on the 19th November 2019  at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 6pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

The Hawkesbury TAFE is in need of another teacher as the only one there is Amando Djuric at this time. We are trying to find anyone that may be interested in a part time postion.Please contact us if you are interested

Racing NSW is now being pro active in chasing bad debtors within the racing industry. If anyone has an issue with an outstanding debt with a licensed trainer please contact us and we will make any submissions on your behalf.

We havent heard of any upcomming seminars in the near future but let us know if there is any so we can post it on the site 

regards Jim Middleton 

Newsletter September 2019

The Annual General meeting MFA meeting will be on Tuesday the 3rd September 2019 at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 6pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

Hawkesbury TAFE has a new teacher in Erin Stevens .Erin is the instergator of the Australian Farriers Conference recently held in Queensland . We wish him all the best with the appointment. Amando Djuric will also make a return to the Hawkesbury TAFE in coming weeks as soon as his Cert IV is updated and will be a welcome addition to the course.

The new Cert IV in farriery should commence in 2020 . The course has a lot more theory in anatomy and business study ,students will have work very hard to complete it This will mean a lot more study time which they will not be used to however it is necessary to bring the level of the trade up to a Cert  IV qualification . There will be many issues to get through as all new courses can present problems , we encourage apprentices employers in the Sydney and provincial areas to support this course. 

We are still actively pursuing the servicing of race and trial meetings in country areas. The association needs to service these venues in order to maintain a steady income and to keep membership free to tradesmen in NSW into the future and beyond. 

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of Dennis O`Brian from Glenn Davis . Dennis worked at Canterbury race course for many years and was the son of David O`Brian also a tradesmen. Dennis was 60 yrs old and breifly fought melanoma cancer before he passed away. Our hearts go out to his family and friends.He truely was one of the great characters of the trade in his time.

Newsletter May 2019

The next MFA meeting will be on Tuesday the 28th may at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 6pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

Nomination of officers will be taken at this meeting.If there are no new nominations recieved at this meeting the current committee will stand.

Please be reminded that the Scone equine clinic is holding a vet and farrier conference on July 5th.If you are a premium member we will pay half the cost of this clinic

The 2019 Australian Farriers’ Conference is being held 1-3 August at the Mantra Legends Hotel on the Gold Coast.The Australian Farriers’ Conference would like to offer our members a 5% Discount on the standard registration rate of $795. Members can enter the code FARRIERSARETOPS at checkout on our website to receive the discount. Alternatively they can contact  Courtney 0481 067 066. This promotion will run until the 30 June 2019. 

If members could find the time to send me copies of their trade papers it would be greatley appreciated.Please email to or text me a picture to 0418254950 so we can upload them on the site. Our long term aim is to have farriers trade papers posted on both the MFA and national web sites.

April 2019

The next MFA meeting will be on Tuesday the 16th April at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 6pm. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950

 There are three events coming up in 2019 that members may be intereted in .These may be viewed on the seminar/events page with the links attatched.

Premium members will recieve half price to clinics and seminars that the MFA “sponsors”  Premium membership is available for $330 annually 

We have begun to post trade papers on profiles on the website. If you can text us a picture of your trade papers or certificates to 0418254950 we will upload them to your profile 

TAFE changes 2019

Below are the changes for the TAFE course Australia wide. Whilst we never agreed to the Hoof care course Agri Skills seem to have disregarded industry and have bowed to the pressure of the Bare Foot trimmers. We will be looking more into this Below 

 Below is the link to view the changes

Farriery Project – Skills Impact

Regards Jim Middleton Secretary

Merry Christmas

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday the 4th December 2018 at 7pm East Court Chinese Restraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond. Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes

Please be reminded of the event to be held in Melbourne this weekend ( details on the events page) The MFANSW is sponsoring the apprentice competition at this event

We wish to congradulate Patrick Power on recieving apprentice of the year at Hawkesbury TAFE. Patrick is serving his apprenticeship under Kane Simpson at Randwick Racecourse.Patrick will recieve a $500 voucher from the association

We ask members to review the membership list and to let us know if there are farriers not on the list that should be.There have been many apprentices finish their time in recent years who we have no knowledge of.All apprentices who finish their time will be added as members at no charge.Please also review your own details to make sure they are correct and if you do not want your phone number on the site please contact us so we can remove it form view.

The national farrier registry is still in progress , we just need to contact a lot of farriers to verify their credentials and this is proving to be a very time consuming project but we will get there.

The association recentley renegotiated race day services with the Australian Turf Club for the next three years. We currentley service all city race and trial meetings , all provincial tracks and 5 country tracks and Inglis sale yards at Warwickfarm.Our ultimate aim is to service the majority of the remainder country NSW race meetings, this will give the association a constant passive income so we can run the association at no cost to members well into the future and fund future projects to further the industry

We wish all our members and families a safe and happy christmas 

Regards Jim Middleton secretary and the committee

New Membership Structure

At the recent MFA meeting it was decided there would be a new membership structure put in place.

As the association is now in a good financial position with the income from race day services the committee decided that we will drop all general membership fees to nil.

All known qualified tradesmen in NSW will be added to the list and will remain members free of charge.If you want your name removed from the list please contact us. If there is some one you know that should be on the list please contact us.

Please check the web site to make sure your details are correct.

We will still offer a premium membership of $330 p/annum for members who wish to attend seminars and the association will cover 50% of the fee

Any apprentice that finishes their time will automatically become a member free of charge

Any new member who upgrade their skills and has a CERT 111 certificate and/or trade  recognition papers ie Craft Certificate a one off joining fee of $330 will apply

We remind members that we are still actively pursueing country race meetings in NSW to service. The association will negotiate with race clubs to ensure the correct fee is being paid .If you are currentley servicing a country race meeting please contact us to make sure you are recieving the correct amount for your service .These race meetings also ensure the financial survival of the association.  

We are confident these measures will help the industry strive towards better self regulation of the farrier industry going forward and in the near future we will have a national registery of all qualified farriers in the country

August 2022

The next meeting will be held on Friday 5th August 2022 at East Court Chinese Resteraunt 1st floor 144-148 Windsor Street Richmond at 4.30pm Please contact us if you will be attending for catering purposes 0418254950   

As there has been a lot of confusing information relating to the Farrier course at Hawkesbury TAFE we have organised a meeting with course mamager Rebecca Coventry to explain the current situation at the facility and what to expect moving forward. The meeting will be held in the A Block Conference room A Block is the administration building on campus.All employers of apprentices are strongly encouraged to attend.

Following the TAFE meeting we will be holding the association AGM (see details above)  It is important that you advice us of your attendance as we have to cater for this event.Please text secretary Jim Middleton 0418 254950  

We recentley sponsored the shoeing competition at the Tamworth cutting show to the value of $1500 for the apprentice competition. 

We also awarded $1500 at Hawkesbury TAFE.The apprentice of the year was Tristan McTavish $1000 voucher (apprenticed to James Watt Randwick ) and the winner of the shoeing comp was Robert Grey (apprenticed to Brad Porter) $500 voucher.

The two judges at the TAFE shoeing competition were Mark Colbran and Jim Middleton with president Malcolm Hunt in attendance to award the prizes , the skill and work quality was very good overall and the poiints were very close at the end. All apprentices and employers should be proud of where these young men are at this stage of their careers.

Regards Jim Middleton secretary