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Welcome to the Master Farriers Association of NSW

MFA NSW is the only recognised association representing the farrier industry within NSW.We are constantly working at improving the industry for both farriers and the horse owner to provide better services and information to the industry.
Are you looking for a farrier? Are you looking for an apprenticeship as a farrier? Maybe you’re looking for help in respect of shoeing requirements for racing?

Customer Notice

Consumers please be aware that many people who advertise that they are Master Farriers may not be. If you are not sure of a farriers credentials and they are not listed on this web site please ask for the farriers qualifications or contact the Department of Vocational Training in your state or Territory and ask for their trade certificate number. If you have a complaint about a farrier who has misleading advertisements regarding their qualifications or any complaints regarding the service provided to you please register your complaint with the Department of Fair Trading in your State or Territory. We will be more than happy to help you with any such complaint.

The Master Farriers’ Association of NSW is made up solely of reputable practicing accredited farriers. If you are looking for a registered farrier near to you, you’ve come to the right place. Also, if you are a farrier and wish to become a part of the Master Farriers’ Association don’t hesitate in forwarding your application.