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Hawkesbury Racecourse Seminar

The Equine Documentalist is a UK based farrier who has been researching negative plantar angles and their clinical affect on performance and posture. He has generated an enormous Facebook following and his discussions are very topical amongst the entire horse community, not just farriers.   

Seminar – Friday the 3rd November at Hawkesbury racecourse. 8am to 4:30pm. 

We also have a potential farrier only morning of shoeing demos on the Saturday for registrants of the Friday seminar. 

Lectures :

-What is the ideal hoof? 

-How do we create and then maintain an ideal hoof? 

-How and why does the hoof change shape?

-How does the shape of the hoof affect posture? 

Shoeing demonstration working with a vet and radiographs:

-Shoeing for both performance and soundness. 

-How to set the hoof up for positive change and how to create a base for optimum posture.  

We hope to see you there, please contact Wes stewart 0412 289 411 for bookings. 

Registration closes – Thursday the 26th October 

The Master Farriers Association will pay for any apprentice of a current member and we will pay half the seminar cost for the first 10 current members who register by Friday the 26th October. When you register mention this offer to the Wesley Stewart who will verify with us and please ring Jim Middleton 0418254950 to confirm your registration.