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Race Plate Rules as per Racing NSW and stewards

AR 141A. (1) No horse shall be permitted to start in any race unless it is fully shod with plates or tips that conform to the requirements of AR.141B, provided that in exceptional circumstances, the Stewards may permit a horse to run barefooted or partly shod. The trainer bears sole responsibility for ensuring that horses are presented for racing in compliance with AR 141B.

(2) Prior to the acceptance time of any race for which a horse is entered, trainers must

(a) obtain approval from the Stewards for the use of any synthetic hoof repair material, hoof pads or any non-standard, partial, modified and/or therapeutic, racing plates or tips; and/or [amended 1.8.04 & 1.6.08]

(b) notify to the Stewards any change from tips to plates, or from plates to tips.

(3) To ensure compliance with the requirements for plating as prescribed in AR 141B, the farrier’s supervisor or any other person appointed by the Stewards shall be authorised to inspect all or any horses presented for racing.

(4) Any mishap to a plate or tip occurring in a race must be reported by the trainer to the Stewards without delay. [rule replaced 30.6.03]

AR 141B. (1) Plates and tips must be made of an approved material capable of being forged or moulded into shape. Tips must cover at least one third of the perimeter of the hoof.

(2) Plates and tips must not exceed 150 grams in weight, provided that upon application the Stewards may give permission for the use of approved therapeutic plates up to a weight of 170 grams.

(3) Plates and tips must be securely and properly fitted and must not protrude beyond the perimeter of the hoof. Plates must be secured by a minimum of five nails and tips by a minimum of three nails. The heads of nails must not protrude more than 2mm from the surface of the plate or tip.

(4) Forged or rolled toe and side clips are permitted provided such clips have blunt, rounded edges and do not exceed 15mm in height and 20mm in width. Steel inserts are permitted provided they are level with the surface of the plate.

(5) Bar plates are permitted, provided that the entire plate including the bar is in one piece. A bar may be welded or riveted to the plate provided that the surface of the bar is level with that of the plate.

(6) Heeled plates or caulks are not permitted in flat races. Cutting plates, grippers or any other form of plates or tips which in the opinion of the Stewards may be dangerous are not permitted.

(7) Hoof pads shall be of a material, design and weight approved by the Stewards. [replaced 30.6.03